No Boil Ziti

What you'll need

  • 1 Oven

  • 9x13 CASSEROLE DISH 2 -3 inches deep
    Or an equivilent-sized aluminum baking pan.

  • Aluminum Foil

  • 1lb Ziti

  • 2 Jars Spaghetti sauce
    ~ 24 ounces each

  • 16 oz Italian Blended Cheese

What to do

  1. Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees F

  2. While oven preheats

    1. Fill CASSEROLE DISH With ziti

    2. Add both jars of sauce

    3. Mix if needed so all ziti is covered by sauce

    4. Cover CASSEROLE DISH with aluminum foil

    5. CRIMP the foil tightly around the dish
      This prevents team from escaping, keeping pasta moist

  3. After oven preheats

    1. Place CASSEROLE DISH In oven for 40 minutes

    2. Remove CASSEROLE DISH from oven

    3. Remove aluminum foil from casserrole dish

    4. Add cheese evenly over the sauce/ziti

    5. Place CASSEROLE DISH In oven for 20 minutes

    6. Remove CASSEROLE DISH from oven

    7. Turn off oven

    8. Let CASSEROLE DISH cool for 10 minutes

    9. Enjoy! Contents will be hot!


4 - 6


You can add mushrooms, meat, veggies, or additional cheeses to this dish!

Simply mix your desired ingredients in with the ziti and sauce.

You might need a larger DISH and/or more sauce and cheese if you add too much.