There are many cooking terms, cooking seems to have it's own language. The links at the bottom of the page contain a lot of terms. Before you begin cooking, it may be helpful to read these links or to google "common cooking terms" to understand what a potential instruction means.

Terms I personally found Confusing:

Divided - this means in half. If the instructions say 1 OUNCE SALT DIVIDED. It means two separate measures of half an
ounce of salt. You will use one measure during one stage of the cooking, and another measure during another stage.

Heat - Every heating source is different. For example: HIGH HEAT has no specific temperature value in most recipes.
So you will have to experiment with cooking to get this right. The more you cook on your stove, the better you will
be able to tell what heat they are referring to. Here are the most common heat levels and some examples of
what they're used for:

  • Low Heat

      • Simmering on low

      • Keeping food hot

      • Making reductions (reducing liquid in pan slowly)

  • Medium-Low Heat

      • Simmering

          • Soups/Stews

  • Medium Heat

      • Cooking, less risk of burning

          • Chicken

          • Scrambled Eggs

  • Medium-High Heat

      • Searing, Browning, Frying

          • Steak

          • Sauteed Mushrooms

          • Grilled Cheese

      • Boiling

          • Pasta

  • High Heat

      • Bringing water to a boil.