Ursa's Claw(s), Claw(s), The Spacer's Knife


Originally issued during the great Spacer Wars, Designed as both a tool and a weapon, is now the workhorse of any Spacer's toolkit.

Most Spacers Lovingly Call it "Ursa's Claw", or "Claw" for short

By any name, all Spacers trust their life and the lives of their famPacks to this instrument. If you value your life, you'll never try to take one from a spacer, liiving or dead.

"Ready your Claws, here they come!"

Creator: Randall Blademaker, Henny Forge, @RBlademaker

Completion Date: September 10th, 2021


Every Spacer past the age of ascension owns one, and it is a right of passage to obtain one.

Typically* a spacer child gives up one of their most prized toys/possessions, because on a spaceship, every ounce lost is a burden and every inch of space encumbered encumbers the famPack. This symbolizes the child understands that the spacer life is hard, and that there will be many sacrifices, and that the rewards will be hard-fought, hard-won, and paid for in blood sweat, and tears.

*This tradition varies slightly from famPack to famPack, but usually involves a mix of sacrifice, noble deeds, feats of learning, and or completetion of an apprenticeship, etc.

"One must give of themself, for the famPack to survive. "

History of the C-74W:

Commander Uoptaxi famously said:

"I seek a knife that symbolizes the conglomerate I love! Sturdy, reliable, a tool for good, and an unstoppable force that will destroy those foolish enough to oppose it, who among you can make this come true?".

The rest, every Spacer is taught from birth:

A humble blade maker Randallius71xb9 rose to the challenge and crafted a blade that became the symbol of the Spacer, and also netted his company "Henny Forge" a tidy fortune.